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Monday, November 8, 2010

The Black Keys - Tighten Up > Music Videos Lyrics

2010 MTV Video Music Award winner for the category 'Breakthrough Video' title Tighten Up is first single by American blues-rock music duo The Black Keys, from their sixth album, 'Brothers' released on May 18, 2010. The single peaked at #9 on US Billboard Rock Songs.

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Artist : The Black Keys
Song Title : Tighten Up
Album : Brothers

The Black Keys - Tighten Up Lyrics :

I wanted love, I needed love,
Most of all, most of all
Someone said true love was dead
And I’m bound to fall, bound to fall
For you
But what can I do?

Take my badge but my heart remains
Lovin’ you, baby child
Tighten up on your reigns
You’re runnin’ wild, runnin’ wild
It’s true

Sick for days in so many ways
I’m achin’ now, I’m achin’ now
It’s times like these I need relief
Please show me how, show me how
To get right

When I was young and moving fast
Nothing slowed me down, slowed me down
Now I let the others pass
I’ve come around, come around

Living just to keep going
Going just to stay sane
All the while never knowing
It’s such a shame

I don’t need to get steady
I know just how I feel
I’m telling you to get ready
My dear

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